Run By Mahila Utkarsha Pratishthan
NAAC Accredited " C " Grade



Shirpur (Jain) is rural and backward but has an ancient importance. It is certainly a matter of pride for us of being the only institution providing higher education to the rural and economically backward students in the surrounding region. The college was established in June 2001 to serve education to the poor and needy students particularly with rural and tribal background.

Today's era is of cut throat competition and so our students have so many responsibilities as well as expectations to fulfill. Students who belong to backward community have to compete with their urban counterparts who are easily exposed to the better educational facilities. The students of this area are educationally and economically deprived. Therefore, we are determined to make them competent enough so that they can face the challenges of 21st century. We are sincerely and devotedly trying to motivate these deprived students in competitive spirit and confidence. Accordingly, during the last two years our college has conducted various seminar, conference and extension activities in association with external organizations.


" Quality Education to Rural Masses "


  1. Providing Quality Higher Education to the students from rural area to strengthen them with modern views and knowledge along with social commitment.
  2. Working towards the all-round personality development of the student
  3. Service to community, neighborhood and the society at large.
  4. Preparing students as globally competent and responsible citizens.
  5. Providing excellent teaching and learning environment with good infrastructure and to promote extracurricular and sports talent amongst students for their overall development.
  6. To inculcate the sense of belongingness and also to bring them to the main stream for building better society and stronger nation.


Late Pundalikrao Gawali Arts and Science Mahavidyalaya was established in 2001 to fulfill the vision of Pundalikrao Gawali, Founder President of Mahila Utkarsha Pratishthan, with the aim to provide quality education to the students from rural area irrespective of their caste, creed and economic background. Our college provides undergraduate programmes in the faculty of Science, Arts and Commerce.

  1. Quality education to rural masses with holistic & personality development.
  2. To provide higher education to the rural and educationally backward communities so as to bring them at par with others.
  3. To promote the education for men as well as women and accelerate the movement of women empowerment.
  4. To make the students knowledgeable, cultural and responsible citizens of the country.
  5. To inculcate scientific attitude and awareness among the educationally backward people so as to avoid social exploitation and to strengthen the positive social atmosphere.
  6. We are committed to provide value based higher education.
  7. To make our college as one of the best colleges of the University.