The Library of the Late Pundalikrao Gawali Arts & Science Mahavidyalaya came into existence with the college and consisted of small room with small collection, library flourishes progress in 2013 with the fulltime appointment. Library plays a very significant role in supporting the academic programmes of the institute. It identifies, evaluates, procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to the faculty and students for their teaching, learning and research, assignments. That is why, DR. S. R. Ranganathan, father of library Science development in India has famously said that the ‘Library is the trinity of Learning Resources, Faculty/Students and the Library Staff’.

  1. To provide opportunities and resources for lifelong learning, training and educational achievement.
  2. To ensure that libraries are at the heart of the community by providing equal access to all services.
  3. To promote and develop reading as a pleasurable activity to motivate the mind and encourage creativity

  1. To provide an accessible resource support teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.
  2. To promote positive attitudes towards reading, literacy and lifelong learning.
  3. To encourage independent learning by promoting and supporting the development of all aspects of information handling skills.

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